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Need some inspiration? Best-in-class content marketing from multiple sectors

B2B content marketers don’t have it easy.

The topics are less ‘fun’ than B2C and the subject matter is usually more complex. The niches that brands work within also tend to be narrower, which can make it hard to come up with new ideas.

That’s why I’m always on the hunt for brands that are doing it really well.

Here are a few I return to over and over again.


Leadpages – SaaS

Leadpages are a lead generation platform. They help users easily build slick-looking landing pages and integrate them with the rest of their marketing stack.

When it comes to content marketing, Leadpages are smashing it.

They have a great blog, a regular podcast, weekly webinars, loads of longform resources and their own training platform called ConvertedU.

In the spirit of putting content at the heart of their business, Leadpages dedicated their 100th episode of their podcast, ConversionCast, to exploring their own growth marketing and content strategy.

If you want to find out how a bootstrap startup used a smart, long-term content strategy to compete with established giants like Hubspot and Marketo, it’s well worth a listen.

b2b content marketing example of conversioncast webinar


SecureWorks – cybersecurity

SecureWorks are a global cybersecurity firm with 4,300 clients in 55 countries.

They have a blog, which is good but pretty standard. But on top of this they also have whitepapers, webinars, threat intelligence reports, knowledge centres for particular topics and in-depth reports on new security threats.

My personal favourite was this super-detailed threat report, GOLD GALLEON: How a Nigerian Cyber Crew Plunders the Shipping Industry. Which sounds less like a piece of cybersecurity content and more like a feature in Wired!

example of b2b cybersecurity content from secureworks


Dell Perspectives – IT

I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see Dell in this list. They’ve always taken content marketing seriously.

The content deals with technology, innovation and the trends that are shaping the world as it is today and in the future. They create blogs, video, podcasts and in-depth reports. They also co-create a podcast with Walter Isaacson, former CNN Chairman and CEO.

b2b content marketing examples from dell wiith podcast on VR and education


Single Grain – agency

A builder’s house is never finished, as the saying goes. The same can be said of most digital agencies.

Agencies rarely invest much time in their own marketing. So it’s nice when you find an agency that bucks the trend.

Single Grain is that agency.

In fact, their content strategy is so good that when I first went on their site, I assumed they were a SaaS platform.

They have two weekly podcasts Marketing School and Growth Everywhere. Marketing School is the CEO Eric Siu and Neil Patel riffing on marketing tips, tools and tactics. Growth Everywhere features world-class entrepreneurs talking about their own growth strategies.

By co-creating in this way, they can reach massive audiences outside of their own network. And having Neil Patel on-hand to help promote your content is never going to hurt…

On top of this, they have an awesome blog, courses and even certifications for client-side and agency-side marketers.

single grain agency b2b content marketing example


Deloitte – consultancy

Deloitte Insights is Deloitte’s thought leadership platform. It covers just about every B2B topic you can imagine. In terms of editorial remit, think along the same lines as Wired, Forbes and Bloomberg.

On top of standard editorial content they have videos, webinars and interactive experiences. And every morning they curate content published in collaboration with the Wall Street Journal as part of their daily morning briefing for executives.

example of content marketing from deloitte


First Round Review – finance

First Round is a venture capital fund that specialises in providing early-stage investment in tech companies and startups.

Being a VC firm, they have cash to invest, which might explain how they manage such a prodigious output.

They have a huge amount of content broken out into nine separate ‘magazines’ dealing with topics like management, women, fundraising and design.

The articles tackle issues like securing funding, scaling your business, time management – topics which aspiring founders will find useful. There’s also plenty of words of wisdom from other founders sharing what they’ve learned along the way.

The content is specific, long-form and in-depth. A randomly-selected recent example, What Sweetgreen Can Teach Startups About Scaling Intimacy, ran to over 5,000 words.

example of B2B content from first round review


Sage advice – accounting

Sage is a software company that provides businesses with accounting, CRM and inventory solutions.

As the UK’s largest tech company with a global customer-based, they field an awful lot of customer queries. Some 30,000 calls a day. These calls gave them two things:

  • Data on the key challenges their customers were facing
  • A massive repository of content previously used by call-handlers to answer questions that could be repurposed

Their platform, Sage Advice, gives targeted, up-to-the-minute advice for small-to-medium-size business owners. It features a mix of practical how-to content for small businesses, lighter editorial pieces and content targeting CFOs specifically.

example of b2b content marketing from sage advice platform


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